At Saint Augustine’s we celebrate that each of us is a unique child of God.

We acknowledge and respect that each of us are coming from different spiritual places, with various experiences of church and life.

We journey together and support each other so that we may ‘walk humbly with our God’ and have the courage to continue when the going gets difficult.

From our individual spiritual learning, we realize that those around us — in our parish, in our community and in our world — are in need of the same things that we are:

  • loving acceptance
  • celebration of uniqueness
  • confidence
  • nourishment and encouragement

We celebrate and share the particular ways that God draws us into his friendship through Jesus of Nazareth. His death and rising from the dead are a promise to us that nothing is beyond the love of God.

We honor the work of God’s Spirit in each person, in our communities, in the church and seek to join God in his work of reconciliation, peacemaking, and doing justice.

We do our best, with God’s help, to live St. Augustine’s mission:

“To Live Christ in Community Through Service”

Anglican Diocese of Edmonton

St. Augustine’s is gratefully under the jurisdiction of Bishop Jane Alexander, bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Edmonton. Edmonton is one of 29 dioceses in the Anglican Church of Canada which is rooted in the history and present reality of the worldwide Anglican communion.

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The Anglican Church of Canada is in full communion with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. Members of either church are welcome to participate in each others’ services.

St. Augustine’s also supports the Anglican Student ministry on campus.  Find them at:

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