Church Handbook Download

Want to know more?

Have a peruse of our current church handbook which covers the following:

1. Why we do what we do.

2. What are we doing now?

3. An Anglican shape of ministry.

4. What does Success look like?

5. Who is welcome to come to this church?

6. What do people believe here?

7. How did the Sunshine Garden get started?

8. What does “Anglican” mean?

9. What is a Diocese?

10. Who was St. Augustine of Canterbury?  St. Hilda?

11. What is church membership at St. A’s?

12. How is St. A’s funded?  How can I give?

13. How is money handled?

14. How is this church governed?

15. How do kids fit into our church?

16. Why do we eat so often at St. Augustine’s?

17. How can I get church news?

18. What is expected of me at this church?

19. What is the role of the priest?

20. Sunday Mornings: a community affair.

21. Learning and Praying Together.

22. Social.

23. Neighbourhood Connections.

24. World Outreach.