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In this time of COVID-19, we have moved church online.  St. Augustine's has been live-streaming via Facebook and, while not quite like Face-to-Face church, it has been pretty good.  In the process we have been reflecting of the benefit of live streaming even beyond COVID-19:
  • Participation from members far off or unable to leave home
  • If people miss a service, they can get caught up
  • Turning church "inside-out" so people curious about what church is, can check things out from a distance.  We have nothing to hide.
  • A way for the online world and physical church to coexist within one another.
For a start, we have our eye on an appropriate camera and some hardware to get us in the game.  The total cost is about $1700 for everything we would need.

Here are the two links to click on to make a pledge (not direct donation, just a pledge)


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Please help out if you can!