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*Read to the end for some details about a hot dog roast this Thursday night*

You may have seen in our local news that our local mosque (just over on 98th ave just West of Capilano Mall) was vandilized in an act of hate.  This is an horrendous act for many reasons, it should raise much anger in us that such a thing happen in our world and neighbourhood.  However, we might remember the wisdom to "turn anger into kindness."  What if we took this opportunity to share with our muslim neighbours how valued they are, and how delighted we are to have such peaceful religious diversity in our communities.

Rev. Nick Trussell, the rector of St. Luke's in Holyrood, spoke yesterday by email with the mosque president to offer prayer and to ask if there is anything we as an Anglican community could do to help and to respond. 
The president wrote "We as a community hope that you can help us in spreading the universal motto of "Love for All, Hatred for None" and aid us in working towards a society that is based on peace, love, and tolerance."
Nick's previous church was actually victimized by hateful vandalizm a number of years back and he spoke how much letters and messages from the community meant to him in that time.
Let's take up the call to flood our local mosque with the "Love for All" they proclaim.
Here are some options:
1) send or drop off a card, letter, or kid's art to:
Baitul Hadi Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat
7005 98 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6A 0A6
If you aren't close by, please send me any email letters and I can print it off for you:
2) Paint a stone to place around their building with a positive message.
3) Sign this letter of support that will be going to them (organized by a community member:
4) **Come by the church tonight for a hot dog roast and we can all sign a big heart poster for them together! (oh, and visit!)
-We can only have 20 people at a time, so we will open up two time slots  PLEASE REGISTER HERE:
-Bring along a chair, drink, and hot dog stick.  Food and fire provided.