NOTICE is hereby given that a special meeting of Parishioners will be held on the 16th day of May, A.D. 2021, following the 10 am service (around 11:15am),on the standard church zoom link at which time all baptized persons regularly attending services of worship in this Parish or otherwise regularly receiving the administrations of the clergy of this Parish are entitled to attend.

Purpose of the Meeting: At our Spring AGM, we voted to use Grant Thornton as our examining accountant.  However, as we began the account examining process, we determined that the costs involved would be several times higher than we had been paying previously.  Instead, we would like to engage the services of Mwayi Kanjadza, CPA, MBA, as our accounts examiner.

To ensure a brief meeting (5min), please forward any concerns or discussion ahead of time to the Rector or to the Treasurer (Barb Ash).

**This will not be a long meeting, but we do need your presence to assure quarum to confirm this important decision.