OFFICIAL NOTICE: Special Meeting of Parishioners March 26th after the 10am service to discuss the following.

Dear Parish,

I want to bring you up to speed on a conversation that came to light this week.

Some of you will know Rev. Jean who was with us most Sundays in the year after his 2018 arrival to Canada.  He, his wife Charlotte, and their 8 children arrived as refugees to Canada and were housed in Gold Bar community for their first year.

Jean, originally from the Congo, served as an Anglican Priest there and in Rwanda before becoming refugees in Kenya.

Now, after becoming more stable in Edmonton, and having more families follow them from the Congo, Jean has been exploring with Bishop Stephen the possibility of becoming licensed as an Anglican Priest in this Diocese and beginning a Congolese-language Anglican community.

Still feeling very much at home at St. A's, Jean and Charlotte are asking if St. A's would have space for them to meet with their community Sunday afternoons in the Sanctuary, from 3-5pm and space for their choir to meet most Saturdays (perhaps in the Annex).

I told them I would ask for congrgational support for this, and, instead of just asking the Vision Group, I think it makes sense to ask the whole Parish together for support.

Jean would become an official honorary of St. Augustine's and the congolese congregation would become a ministry of this parish.  Any offerings would flow into our financial system (perhaps we could suggest only for givings since it is all automatic?)  I do not know yet if bishop Steve had talked about a stipend with Jean.  They said there are around 9 families who they are expecting to be involved.  Their practice is to celebrate communion on the first Sunday of each month (Altar Guild, we would need yet to sort out what they want and need from us).

I am asking for your consideration of how this could be a smooth transition for us both.  What would we need in place space-wise?  What community activities would be helpful for us to meet one another?  What would the parish of St. A's need to feel comfortable with this arrangement?  Is there any way you would like to help?  They empasized that we would be more than welcome to visit the service whenever we like.

Would you please respond to this email with any questions or thoughts you might have?