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  • Have you missed a Sunday recently and you wish you could have heard what was shared in sermon time?
  • Are you unable to get to church, but would like to have a moment of reflection in your week?
  • Do you want to return to what was said on Sunday to listen again?

Our new website has a handy podcasting service that might do you well.  Any sermon we post on the website can be 'pushed' automatically to your smart phone, iPad, iPod, iPhone, or computer.  No searching around - when we post it, it will show up on your device!

How to subscribe

iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

  • find your iTunes Podcast app.
  • Once the app is open, find the search button and type in "st. Augustines Anglican Church"
  • You should be able to see a picture of our church.  When you tap that picture, you will see a list of all the sermons currently online.
  • Tap the "subscribe" button and you can choose if you would just like a notification when the new sermon (podcast) is ready, or if you would like your phone to download it for you so it is available even if you are away from data or Wi-Fi.
  • Or, click here: iTunes direct link

 Android Phones and tablets

  • Download the Google Podcasts app from the Play Store.
  • in the app under "explore" search for "St. Augustine's Anglican Church"
  • You will see our picture and the list of sermons posted so far.
  • Click subscribe and you are set!


You can also search for "St. Augustine's Anglican Church" and find us the same way on the Spotify website and platform here: Spotify direct link.