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How do we live well on the land?

This is a significant question for the church as we wrestle with both our indigenous and ecological history.  The Anglican Diocese of Edmonton spans a wide swath of land in North-Central Alberta - how is the land inviting us to live well in this place?  The title is drawn from a story shared by a Dene elder of his ancestors moving into a different landscape.  Their old ways and traditions were no longer applicable, they had to practice a new way of gathering food and keeping communication.  The Anglican church came from a very different place, land, and tradition.  What new ways of incarnation do we need to learn and hone in this place?

In this 5-part podcast series Rev. Jonathan Crane interviews individuals who spend their lives caring for a peice of land be it rural or urban.  These podcasts will be released once a week through the 2021 Season of Creation that begins on September 1st.  They are intended to be enjoyed by individuals in addition to any local church programs you might be running and will be available both on the Diocesan website as well as other podcast services.  These podcasts are an act of the Diocese of Edmonton Social Justice Commitee.

New episodes are being added weekly through the Season of Creation!

Listen here or on your favourite podcast app: