Hi Friends,

As my sabbatical time approaches (May 5) there are some roles and responsibilites that need to be covered off to keep things running smoothly

  • We need someone who is handy with google calendar and text to oversee our building space users and their scheduling needs.  Something about this seems to come up weekly.
  • If we are going to get to doing coffee hour outside, we will need someone to coordinate people to get that ready.  This is not for you to do all the work, but to enable others to know what to do and when to do it.  Have a passion for coffee hour?  This might be you.  Ideally we would start this Sunday May 8th.
  • In worship, please keep an eye out to make sure someone has taken up one of the two readings, that the candles are lit, and that people feel a warm welcome.  If you are here you are a leader and a welcomer.
  • Sabbatical time is a good time to remember that we are not an organization with a big staff, but a church family who care together for what we value.  Please jump right in to help out in our community building from picking up the smallest wrapper on the floor, to dealing with accumulated messes.  Communities thrive through people who see what needs to be done and get on doing it!

Thank you all so much.  You are amazing.

Rev. Jonathan