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From earliest times, Christians have utilized their churchyards for burial. The cyclic nature of the seasons and gardens symbolize life, death and resurrection so essential to our faith. In the Garden of Eden, in the gardens where Jesus went to pray, and in the garden where Mary Magdalene encountered her Risen Lord, all have found God’s presence in these places of beauty.

Today, the concept of churchyard burial is no longer practical. Land is limited and resources are demanded for other areas of ministry. Yet there is a spiritual need for a permanent tie to a church one cares about. Our Memorial Garden will be a place of beauty and tranquility for interment of the cremated remains of the St. Augustine’s family. It will offer the contemporary equivalent of Churchyard burial and serve as a means to proclaim our faith. It will also provide a reasonably priced alternative to burial. Although everyone may not wish to place their ashes in the garden,
we all can enjoy it as a place for rest, remembrance, meditation and prayer. Our Garden at St. Augustine’s is being built with the help of parishioners, some members of the Sunshine Garden and a professional landscape contractor (for the low stone wall that borders and defines the garden).

A significant portion of the development expenses have been supplied by the Barnet Fund, and our Visioning Committee has endorsed this as a particularly appropriate use of this fund. The balance required is approximately $5,000.00, to be raised by donations.

If you wish to donate: Access the St. Augustine’s web page. Click “Give Online” in the upper right. Then click “Give Online” in bright green. Memorial Garden Fund should appear as the designation. If not, select it. Be sure to leave the “Recurring Gift” box unchecked for a one-time garden donation. Or use the traditional method of cheque and written designation. 

We are grateful for all of your support, whether financial or simply your
appreciation and encouragement.