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Dear friends,

Many of you are aware that government regulations have changed regarding in-person church services.  However, after some reading and exploration, and some conversation within the St. A's visioning group, it is clear that beginning to meet together sooner than later would be a very restrictive and diminished church experience - no singing, no hugging, no regular communion practice, regular sanitation regimes, and social distancing.

As such, we have decided as a church to not explore any further in-person church services until after September 1st.

This way we can also just keep things steady through the summer and review our needs with more information in the fall.

The worst case scenario that we all felt was, "what if we re-open, and one of us gets sick."  We would just feel awful.  And besides this, the online services seem to be working ok for now.  In fact, we are planning to keep streaming online after we begin meeting together.

However, there is some desire for some casual social distancing visits outside.

So, if we were to gather outside, households driving alone, bringing our own lawnchairs, staying only within an hour so we don't use the washrooms (!) - when would be a good time to do that?  Please let us know your best time by clicking on this doodle link and letting us know! (Doodle is a handy way to plan meeting times, it will take you less than a minute to use.  Put your name, choose what times work for you, and click 'send'):