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We welcome bishop Steve on May 19th this year to celebrate Confirmation, Baptism, and Anglican Reception.

Confirmation for baptized people is a chance to receive a simple prayer that the Spirit be present and released in your life.  Confirmation is an adult reception of baptism and is associated with several sessions of preparation that cover our way of Christian life in the world.  In confirmation, the bishop lays hands on the head of each candidate and prays for them.  Jonathan would like to provide mentors for each candidate for confirmation to support them in prayer and conversation.

Baptism is our simple entry into Christian faith for people of any age who have not been baptized before.  As we receive baptism in water and in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and are marked with chrism (blessed, fragrant oil), we offer ourselves to receive the love and promises of God and to join the church as the family of faith.  Baptism is not about what we know, but about the direction we set ourselves towards in life.

Anglican Reception is by no means a requirement or even an encouragement for members of St. A’s.  However, sometimes we feel we want to ‘plant down’ and say we are ‘here.’

If any of these ceremonies catch your attention, please let Rev. Jonathan know.  Preparation for confirmation will begin in Lent and baptismal preparation in May.  Jonathan will need some confirmation mentors as well.