Caring for Ourselves and Each Other

Dear friends,

Many of you will have seen that some businesses and institutes are being given the privilege of opening while our Edmonton COVID numbers are low.  There have been some stipulations given that could allow some churches to open during this pre-vaccine time.  Bishop Jane hosted a conversation this morning and has sent out a number of documents clarifying these new developments.  Here is how this might land at St. Augustine’s:

·  The government still encourages that churches remain closed and keep worship online.

·   If a church chooses to open it would include no sharing food (e.g. no communion), no singing, no touching, no kids running, social distancing, sanitation in and out, regular washroom cleanings, and would not be for anyone in a high risk situation.

·   No Anglican church could ‘open’ under the above circumstances without providing Bishop Jane with a detailed plan and checklist and receiving her approval.

My sense is that we would not want to open under these circumstances, and I feel church online is going ok for now.  However, if you feel differently, please contact me to tell me more.:

Every blessing, Jonathan+  

Rev. Jonathan Crane Rector/Pastor