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LENT 2023 St. A's theme - Prayer

What to expect the 5 Sundays of Lent

  • Feb 26th – Intercession
  • March 5th – Bishop Steve (Lectio)
  • March 12th – Holy Imagination
  • March 19th – Prayer in Stillness
  • March 26th – Liturgy Undone

Other Moments to note

  • Shrove Tuesday Pancakes, 5-7pm, $
  • Ash Wednesday (/w Grace United)
  • Music & Prayer night March 18th
  • Quiet Saturday, March 25th
  • Social Justice Wednesdays with Bishop Stephen on Zoom (poster attached)
  • Diocesan Easter Vigil – In Holy Week this year we will participate in the first ever common Easter Vigil at All Saints Cathedral