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The buzz was in the air to tie up a few post-Christmas jobs this last month.

The last of the echo-reducing sound baffles got installed in the lower hall just in time for a successful test at the Altar Guild's pancake dinner.  The word?  The word is a little easier to hear!  Try for yourself - that room has gone from yelling to make yourself heard to 80 people being able to enjoy conversation over dinner at a much more enjoyable level.  This is part of a church project to give that room a re-fresh, make it more rentable, and in the mean time, more enjoyable for all our church uses.

Across the sidewalk, we have welcomed St. Olga's congregation who enjoy a meal together after worship.  This has ushered in a few fix-ups and paint-ups in the lower space of the Annex.  In short, the whole room from top to bottom has been painted, and some ceiling issues have been remedied to make the space more enjoyable.  St. Olga's folks had given the kitchen a good scrub already and so the cabinets in the kitchen got painted too.

Great thanks the whole Yeo family, who have been in the background organizing contractors and helping get all the little bits done and ready.  Jordan led the sound baffle project and Randy and Rita organized the final baffle installation and painting in the Annex.