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 Dear Community,

Last Sunday Jonathan talked to the children about planting" hearts" as a way to honour the 215 children buried in Kamloops. It was such a poignant suggestion ,we were inspired to take this idea further and attempt to "plant" hearts around our church garden area. You are invited to be part of this project.

All supplies for the hearts will be  available in bins ,on the church steps from Friday afternoon  until Sunday  evening ( 4pm)

Instructions to help you make the hearts will be in the bins. They are simple Poster board hearts ,taped, glued or interlaced to a bamboo "chopstick" stick. Instructions will also suggest what you can print on the hearts and where you can 'plant' them. All materials are completely eco friendly and compostable. If you have WOODEN chopsticks at home and would like to donate them to our supplies that would be great.

There is so little we can do to show our great sadness. Little things can make a difference.This simple project will represent how we, at St. Augustines, carry those 215  dear souls in our hearts.We sincerely hope you will be inspired  to do this ' little ' thing that demonstrates St.A's very great sadness.