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 Vision Group Notes Sunday, September 11, 2022, 2pm-4pm

We began our meeting reflecting on how many ‘moments’ we are in right now:

·         ‘post covid’ – whatever that means right now.  We have at least learned how to manage and maneuver with covid as a reality.

·         Post-sabbatical, reviewing how the rector’s time away was for the parish, what new ideas sprang up, what new practices became helpful, what new people moved into leadership.

·         Fall start-up – the usual program year begins We reflected that as a parish we have not yet come to a moment of ‘return’ in the sense of having found our new rhythm.  Many folks are still figuring out how to return to church physically in this new reality and what church needs to be in this new time.

Events Planning

We were drawn to begin planning a number of events to get ourselves together, to re-meet one another and to build community once again in our little church.  We acknowledged that one standard church system that is largely missing right now are some accessible children’s activities on Sunday and otherwise.  We talked about:
1.       A hot dog roast on Sept 25th (Jonathan+ will buy stuff)
2.       A kid’s-led service once or twice a term.
3.       Standard children’s programming on Sunday (more on this below)
4.       Administering opportunities for young people to participate in Sunday mornings
5.       A general increase in social events that bring the parish together (the garden harvest event? Others? Lead on folks!)

Children’s Ministry

In particular we talked about the need for a standard children’s ministry system on Sunday mornings.  This is definitely a “build it and they will come” sort of thing that requires some input from the whole community.  (“It is not the parent’s job to care for the children of the church alone.”)  After some deliberation and reflection on the young families meeting that met earlier in the day, it became clear that this is a time to actually hire someone for this job.  With someone in the lead, parents and youth would be able to be helpers along the way.
APPROVED: that St. A’s hire a children’s ministry leader for 3 Sundays each month with an annual budget of $4000.
Jonathan and John Hanley will take a lead on this process, with other stakeholders to be brought in along the way.


Since before COVID St. Augustine’s has been looking into securing an AED for purchase or lease.  After some substantial process this summer (thanks Rev. Phil!), we have found Cintas First Aid in town who provide a rent-to-own three year contract, at $99/month, including monthly inspections and any required replacements.  We agreed on how critical an AED can be in responding to a heart incident and that every second counts.  Of the two final options, we were drawn to the included maintenance of the Cintas contract including avoidance of liability if the AED was needed but out of order because we had missed an inspection ourselves.  The Cintas contract includes a lunch and learn training session.
Approved: That St. Augustines secure an AED contract with Cintas First Aid at the $99/month option level.

Memorial Garden Update

Bob, Lauretta, Peter, and Deana have been working hard to design and secure the work to be done on our new St. Augustine’s Memorial Garden.  The funding for this was approved at a previous meeting.  The work is expected to begin in mid-September that will include building a low wall to define the area and provide a handy space to sit, new garden space in the interior of the garden where ashes can be interred, and a “Memorial Garden” sign to mark the area.  Bob has found an affordable wood sign option that is in process. Dedicated giving envelopes will be created to have handy in the church.  Peter has already put together a lovely booklet talking about the importance of memorial gardens. Bikes: Since people like to lock their bikes on the railing in that space, we need a bike rack.  Megan found a few used options in the city and will pursue finding one that will work.