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Our Annex is becoming a new thing.  Jodi's epic work this Summer and now a fresh coat of paint in the lower space as St. Olga's begins to make use of it on Sundays.

Our growing vision for that lower space is to create a cafe-style environment where the local community can gather for coffee and connection.  To start, this will only be once a week with very basic coffee and maybe a few treats (Let Jonathan know if you are interested in helping with this!)

To really set the space off we need some square tables for the space and upgraded lighting from the bare-bulbs that are currently there. (There are lots of chairs there already)

Would you consider donating?

Light the Annex - $100/light (10 needed)
Table the Annex - $150/Table (15 needed)

(donations in the plate, on, or e-transfer available to