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Hey all you Fabulous Kids of St. A's!

You are invited to be part of the Kids' Church Sermon on Sunday, May 12. We are looking for Show & Tellers!

If you want to participate, here's what you need to do...

1. Find or think of something that is special to you. This could be a toy, a picture, a book, something from nature, a pet, a person or even an activity or a memory.

2. With your parent's help (if needed) think of why it's important to you and how it reminds you of God. The older children could think about how their chosen item/person/activity is a symbol of God in their lives.

3. If it is an item, bring it with you to church on May 12 so you can show it! If it's a pet or something that's hard to bring to church, you can email a picture of it to (please send before May 10) and we'll get it up on the screen. We will do our presentation at the front of the church as a group so we can support each other.

Simone will confirm our list of Show & Tellers on May 5th, but parents, please feel free to email or connect to help with planning/numbers.

Parents, here is a script to help your child prepare:

My name is ____________________, and I'm ________________ years old.

I brought/want to tell about _____________________.

It's important to me because ________________________ (and anything else you want to say about it)

It makes me think of ______________________________

(older kids) It is a symbol of _______________ because _____________________

This will be awesome! Hope you can be part of it!