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An introduction to the Enneagram

A tool for self-awareness, better relationships, growth and compassion.

DATE CHANGE: Thursday, May 11th, 7-9pm at St. Augustine's
Decaf coffee and Italian Centre desserts provided!

Join Lindsay Batke for a simple introduction to the Enneagram.

Do you know that about 90% of people think they are self-aware, but only about 10% actually are?  When researchers study our beliefs about ourselves and how we are viewed by others, only a handful of us have accurate beliefs!

The Enneagram is a unique personality typing framework combining traditional wisdom with modern psychology - a powerful tool for understanding ourselves and the people in our lives.

Lindsay has found this an extremely helpful tool in her life and Rev. Jonathan asked her if she would lead us in an evening of learning.

How does it help the church?

Self-awareness is so critical for all humans so that we don't lay unhelpful assumptions on one another about how they should be or how we should be.  Difference is not disobedience.  In fact, difference is critical for a healthy community to function and reflect the diversity inherant in God.  The Trinity is not a singularity, but a community, and so we, in our human community, reflect God only in the diversity of community.  

As we approach our Strength to Strength visioning weekend at the end of May 2023, we need to ask the question, "who are we?"


The Enneagram is an important tool to help us bring grace for each other into our shared church-living.