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Are you in a small group at St. Augustine's?

You might be already!

  • The altar guild is a small group that meets to visit and prepare the church for worship
  • The wednesday night sharing circle is a small group that learns and explores together
  • The Thursday 'Round the Table event likewise gathers to learn and grow and chat
  • The 8am service is pretty much a small group that shares in Eucharist together and goes to MacDonalds after.

There are probably others that happen quietly and organically around the church - for instance, there is a book club that has met for years but just does its own thing.  There are members from St. A's and beyond.

I also know stories of people get together to listen to podcasts and chat, or men who meet over beverages to just be together.

Small groups happen all over the place often without any help.

But, sometimes it is good to just highlight them and remind how important it is to have small groups that you are connected to for support and strength.

Where in your life do you:

  • Meet with people around a common affinity or connection?
  • Toss ideas (spiritual and beyond) back and forth in safe and fruitful conversation
  • Get down to business with a few folks to make an event happen, create something new in community, or address a community need.

Small groups, as I am thinking of them here, are places where you feel safe, welcome, inspired, connected, challenged, supported and renewed in faith and life.

They don't all have to be bible studies, they might be action groups, service groups, prayer groups, contemplation groups, music groups, cleaning groups, learning groups or whatever you are passionate about.

Have a thought though where your small group needs are fed in your life.

If you feel you are needing some connection, there are two ways you might go:

1) look into joining a pre-existing group in the church

2) OR - Start your own!  It could be anything.  What do you need and want to do? Who else might be interested.  Announce it on Sunday, let Jonathan+ know if you need support or space to meet, but, most of all, just go for it.