We are a people caught by the stories of Jesus and the life he invites us to live.

We are thankful for life and for the news of Jesus that our creator is a God of self-giving love. We seek to be a people who live out self-giving love.

We use the Canadian Anglican Liturgy as presented in The Book of Alternate Services.

Sunday Worship

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Our first gathering is a simple act of prayer using the Anglican Eucharistic (communion) service. Held in our lovely St. Hilda’s chapel. This is a spoken service and does not include music.

The congregation usually numbers around 10, is close but not closed and welcomes others to worship. People take on the various roles of reader and communion assistant in an informal manner. The 8:00 a.m. community welcomes succinct sermons, and gathers for coffee after church.

10 am

Our main service is graced by our choir. We pray and give thanks to God, drawing on our strong history of Anglican prayer. Kids of all ages are invited to join our worship, play in the nursery or take part in Kid’s Time.


What does it look like?

Each Sunday we explore a text or two of scripture. We hear the narrative of God and God’s people, the biographies of Jesus and the letters to the early churches.

We reflect and ask what the Spirit of God is saying now to us through these words.

The congregation participates throughout, especially in the hymns, psalms, and prayers.

Lay people read the first two Bible readings and lead the Prayers of the People.

During Communion, the Rector is assisted by one of the parish Lay Readers who also helps with the distribution of the bread. Lay people administer the chalice.

For the liturgical seasons of Advent (before Christmas) and Lent (before Easter), worship committees form to provide a thematic context for the season with a specific focus on providing engaging and creative worship opportunities.


Worship Rites

Sacramental Preparation

For enquiries about Baptism, Confirmation, Receiving the Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Healing Services contact Rev. Jonathan Crane at the Parish Office at 780-466-5532 or [email protected]


Baptism is seen as a way that families and individuals mark their commitment to become followers of Jesus. There is instruction for individuals, family members and sponsors (godparents) to help them understand the significance of this simple act.

Please call our church office at 780-466-5532 or [email protected] for more information.

Holy Eucharist (Communion)

The great thanksgiving for our lives in Christ is celebrated weekly on Sundays and at other times.

Eucharist is our weekly baptismal renewal of life in Christ. There is instruction available for adults and children for a fuller understanding of this sacrament.

At St. Augustine’s, all baptized who seek God and are drawn to Christ are welcome to receive the bread and wine as an outward and visible sign of God’s unconditional love.


Confirmation is the sealing of an adult commitment to the Christian life.  It is simply a prayer that the gifts of the Holy Spirit be released in this individual for a life of

Please make arrangements through our church office 780-466-5532 or [email protected]


Matrimony is one of the “lesser” sacraments. A consultation with the parish Priest is required and each couple is taken on a case by case basis. We need a minimum of 60 days in order to prepare for a wedding and enquiries about available dates should be made as soon as possible.

Read more details in our marriage booklet: wedding-logistics-sheet-couple
A marriage preparation course is required, but please consult with our parish Priest. One member must be baptized.

Our church is able to seat 225 people on the main floor.

Contact our church office at 780-466-5532 or [email protected]


The most important thing to keep in mind while planning a funeral is to be gentle with yourself and the other people involved.  You are facing a difficult loss, and your emotions may be overwhelming right now.

Remember that Jesus said, “those who mourn shall be comforted.” (Matthew chapter 5) God is very near in this whole process.  God bless you and keep you. More Information can be found here.

There is seating for 225 people in our church. In addition to the above, our catering group is able to accommodate most reception requests. Our Lower Hall is able to seat 125 people.

Reconciliation (confession) and Healing

We sometimes hit moments in life where we need a specific moment of prayer to help us move on.  Sometimes this is about something we have done (or left undone) for which we are struggling to forgive ourselves.  Reconciliation of a Penitant is a simple rite that allows you to speak confidentially before God, with a priest, those things which are troubling you.  Healing prayer, which often includes laying on of hands and anointing, is a moment of prayer to lay before God the sorrows in our body or mind.  We follow here the admonition of St. James to “gather and pray” when any are sick.  We also hold a public healing and anointing service in Lent and Advent.  Please phone our church office 780-466-5532 or [email protected] to enquire about availability and times.