Worship Group Update


You may have heard that a group is meeting to explore our Sunday morning worship at st. Augustine’s and wondered what that is all about.  Below is a brief update on the group.
Jan 6, 2016

Main goal: that our worship be ‘grounded’ in our community diversity and reality.

-Set up to poll a number and variety of parishioners of their experience of the exploration of different liturgies in the fall

-Goal of group membership is to engage a wide swath of people from different age groups, lengths of time at the church, and gender, including all Lay Readers and a mix of choir members.

  • June Greig (long term member, lay reader, choir)
  • Laura Meyer (newer member)
  • Val McCormack (more recent member, lay reader)
  • Megan Crane (newer member, music director, parent)
  • Joe Sparling (medium term member, lay reader)
  • Sherry Prokopuk (newer member, parent)
  • June Miller (medium term member, lay reader, choir)
  • Dave Wiens (recent member)
  • Pat Jameson (long term member, lay reader)
  • Lauretta Howard (long term member, choir, past music director)
  • Sheila New (church founder, choir)

 Other feedback from the wider congregation will be sought through surveys

-Focus of the meetings is on people’s experience of God in the midst of worship, and what has been helpful in this.  We are also exploring some of the practicalities of worship in our context.

-The first meeting results focussed on:

  • good response to the variety of worship opportunities, especially the A-F, Intergenerational, and Healing services.
  • BAS should be in there, but perhaps not every time.
  • Music is key, but we have not explored this yet.
  • Kids are highly-valued.
  • The words of worship make a difference to people – e.g. in the Eucharistic prayer.
  • Eucharist is highly valued. Morning Prayer (no Eucharist) is quite low as an option and generally disliked.
  • The diversity of our community must be evident in our worship.

-The second meeting focussed on:

  • The gifts we have in community
  • considering our options for an ongoing pattern of worship blending old and new traditional and contemporary in the right mix and balance for st. A’s
  • Considering what we hope for in our worship See the image above which are the descriptors shared.
  • The top gifts that were seen at st. A’s are (in no particular order):
    • Storytellers
    • We are encouraging and a congregation that builds up
    • We are accepting and open minded of new ideas, new people, and new ways
    • We enjoy ourselves
    • Music for both kids and adults. Music before and after services
    • We are a caring community – people are made to feel welcome and valued
    • Hospitable and welcoming, kind and loving.
    • We have a good pattern of outreach – dinners, serving those in need
    • We have a beautiful and warm church building
    • The church is used for many different community activities
    • We have many teachers
    • We are gradually growing kids
    • We are located in a strong community
    • We are creative
    • We offer time in service of the church

Our last meeting is coming up at the end of the month.  Please keep this group in prayer as they do their work.