What will the church look like in 25 years? – Questions from Blues


A few of us gathered over freshly-roasted coffee this morning at Leah’s Blues Java Bar on 106ave and 50th street.  As always the conversation was lively and fruitful.  Keith always brings us something substantial to chew on.  What would you have said if you were there?

  • In the aftermath of the Superbowl, the millions of dollars put into that one event and the like – should we ban professional sports and spend the money differently?
  • What lenten disciplines have been helpful in the past.  In the past, the focus was on giving something up, more recently on taking something on.  What has helped you prepare for the celebration of Easter?
  • What will the church in North America look like in 25 years?
  • What will (should) the land on which St. Augustine’s church building sits look like in 25 years?

These conversations at Blues happen the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 10-11am.  Join in next time!