Where is God?… Lent begins to Blossom



This Lent we have been asking Sunday mornings,  “where has God been in your day and week?”  Here is an outline…

Lent I

  • Re-committment
  • God is helping me find peace with my future
  • During the Ash Wednesday service and the Altar Guild workshop
  • Helping me move forward through some challenges
  • God is working within my family and friends
  • the Lenten plant bulbs were purchased last October and kept in the dark cold of my garage –  and still they were sprouting when I opened the bag!   What a metaphor!
  • In the caring and compassion for others
  • community meals
  • Love.   Safe.
  • Quick doctor care we received.   Trevor’s positive outlook.   Dinner with flowers.
  • In my improved health.   Present in my prayer group.
  • God is here in the beauty and love of the people at st.  A’s.
  • I give thanks for friends,  neighbors and family.
  • Helping me understand other’s needs.
  • Grateful for helpful neighbors and friends.
  • The river of grace flowing through my life.
  • God is at work in the reminders to take time for spiritual practice.
  • God helping me to hear and act upon it.

Lent II

  • Receiving fully with no back talk
  • giving me faith and courage
  • giving me opportunities to learn and test my ability to forgive and trust
  • in the faithful of the community
  • the closeness of God in following the helpful “re-think”  yellow gard from last week.
  • God has been in the moments of freedom to choose the better option –  to meditate,  to wonder,  to love.
  • An awakening awareness of the spiritual
  • following Jesus in small steps
  • God has been with me keeping me healthy at work and at home.
  • Make decisions based on compassion for others.
  • A deepening appreciation of the various faith paths of my fellow friends of all generations.

Lent III

  • God continuing to give me strength and purpose
  • Most grateful for arrival on time of my first great grand daughter
  • family visits this week,  with lots of food and love
  • God is in the bohemian warnings landing on the trees and together letting go.
  • Where my thoughts are there is God!   Thanks be for my parish church to help me.
  • God is helping me build relationships in this time of transition in my life.
  • Gratitude for the gifts received.
  • Great sermon,  we don’t always think of the meaning of the words we say.