Tuesday Word: This Week

How is this week different than any other.

In a way, it is not.  The world follows the same pattern of turning towards the sun, and we generally keep similar structures to our day.

And yet, we may choose this week to be very different.

Though st. A’s does not hold a service each of the first three days of this week, some churches do.  You might attend daily as a spiritual practice.

You may pick up a book that you know will challenge you in deeper reflection of God’s self-giving.

You may choose some extra space to walk or pray in nature so that your heart is ‘good soil’, ready for the news of Easter.

You may choose to visit someone who is sick and remember with them the news that God suffers with us and endures all things with us.

You may choose to read one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) all the way through so that the whole story of Jesus is fresh in your mind and heart.

There is still space in this week to meet with your local priest and engage the work of confession – naming before God those things that burden you.  Do let me know if this would serve you to book some time and space.

You may also be preparing for an Easter meal, but as you do so, you choose to pray for those who will eat, and also for those beyond your reach who will have no meal, or who will hold Easter in hunger.

While this week is normal in some ways, I would encourage you to find some simple ways to make it different.  Just different.

You will notice that our Sunday liturgy (pattern of prayer and structure of the service) will change as we move from the solemnity of Lent into the celebration of the Resurrection season.  How might you do this also at home too?


May you be restless this week as we are undone by the story of Christ’s Passion – so that our hearts might settle to the news of resurrection.


An outline of our Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday events is found here: http://staugustinesedmonton.com/lent-holy-week-2017/

>The Outdoor Way of the Cross mentioned on Sunday info here: http://edccunity.org/projects.htm

>The Easter Vigil will be at St. David’s (7751 85 St NW) at 8pm