Tuesday Word – the Land

Hi Friends,

On Sunday I shared a bit of my story of how I have come to think of the body of Christ in Canada – how the Christian church is yet divided across cultural (aboriginal and non-aboriginal) lines and how we all miss out because of that.  I believe a major spiritual ‘work’ of our generation is to foster a body of Christ that is united in a reconciled life together.  We will not know the fullness of Christ’s presence on this land until this is true.

Incidentally, I have been asked to present tonight on a similar topic: the Land.  My words will form a small part of a four-part series.  I am a bit of a stand-in, since Robert Grandjambe Jr. – a trapper from Ft. Chip was originally scheduled to speak.  I cannot replace him, but I will share a piece of who I have become in relationship with the land.  If this interests you please join us 7pm at All Saints Cathedral downtown (103 st and 100 ave).

If you would like to know more about the four sessions of the event, click to view the event poster below


AND – Remember we are at Grace United (across the street) this Sunday!  No service at St. A’s this week!