Tuesday Word: Silent Prayer

When we think of prayer, my guess is that what most people think of words: “God help me”, “O God help this person”, “Lord teach me your ways.”

These are very good, but sometimes we can find that there are too many words in prayer.  Sometimes the words can actually distract us from the very prayer we are trying to make by keeping our mind too busy.  In these cases, we are reminded of the many shapes of silent prayer that exist in the history of the church.  Monastic communities have certainly sought out silent prayer –  some communities living nearly their whole yearly rhythms in silence.  But even for Christians not living a distinct monastic calling, silence is for many, a deep place of rooting their life in God.

One shape of silent prayer we will explore this term at st. Augustine’s is Centering Prayer.  True to its name, Centering prayer is a simple invitation to practice holding God at the center of your attention.  This is done through silence and often through the use of a centering word.  I think of it as a moment in out day where we practice discerning God so that we are more fully able to discern God in the rest of our life.

Please come on by one of the Centering Prayer teachings tomorrow (Oct 5, 2016) at 11am or 7pm, or drop into one of the weekly silent prayer sessions at 8:45am on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Some of you might like to work the morning prayer sessions into your weekly schedule.

Every blessing in your week.




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The Belle’s at the Muttart
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Tuesday, October 11
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