Tuesday Word: Prayer is a habit and a plan

Thank you to all who shared in our AGM this past Sunday.

The act of budgeting, personal or corporate is the work of:

a) planning

b) choosing priorities

c) reviewing what it is you have

Financial budgeting in the church is looking ahead to what we trust will come into the church and shaping our ministry goals around our discernment of God’s movement in us.  This is at times very practical, and at times very faith-based.  I believe God is in both the practical and the faith-based.


Prayer is a Habit and a Plan

This Spring I would like you to consider engaging in a sort of ‘budgeting your prayer life.’

Our theme this year is “prayer” and there is a long and helpful tradition in the church of setting for ourselves a “rule of life” – an ordered plan of how we as an individual will stay connected to Christ and live out our Christian life.  I have used one for a number of years and update it at least twice yearly.  In it, I record my best thoughts on how I need to pray and live well in the world.  I organize it according to time – how I pray day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year.  I list yearly rhythms that i wish to engage in and I include personal challenges to myself to live more deeply in faith.  It is a plan and set of priorities I give myself if I am to remain spiritually healthy.  I did some of this work with my spiritual director.  Over the years my rule of life has become more and more relevant and needed as I tweak and develop it to mesh with my current roles and needs.  It is now, not something I would do without.

I believe every Christian should know about this practice, so, as in the Offerings Booklet (p11), I am hosting a Rhythm of Life Workshop on Saturday, March 11, 2017, from 9am-12pm.  I am limiting the group to 12 people to allow the right balance of personal work, attention, and discussion.

A sign up sheet will be in the church, or you may send me an email of your interest.


Oil Kings!

For this Friday, 7pm we purchased 20 tickets to attend an Oil Kings game (only $20 each, this night only).  There are at this moment still 8 tickets left.  Last chance to claim your tickets!  Please send me an email at revjcrane (at) yahoo.com to hold your place.  We will meet at the church at 6:25pm and carpool over.



Have a great week as you live out your life with Christ.