Tuesday Word: Last Sunday, This Sunday

Just below is a personal reflection by Dave Weins, one of our vestry members, on his experience at the ICPM lunch st. A’s helped host this past Sunday.  Thanks so much Dave.

This Sunday, I am pleased to introduce you to Witty Sandle who will be sharing a word with us.  Witty and I have both found ourselves interested in contemplative prayer – the patterns and practices that help us deepen in an integrated Christian live.  She is presently studying by distance at Portland Seminary while she works at King’s University down 50th st.  Click here for her bio at Kings. Please give her and her husband Mark a warm St. A’s welcome.



Lunch with the Community of Immanuel and Inner City Pastoral Ministry

It was St A’s turn to help out at the ICPM Sunday service and lunch held at the Bissell center on Jan 22.

 I didn’t quite know what to expect as it was my first time doing it.  I thought it would be a humbling experience.

 I helped my wife, Camille , the night before make some sandwiches for the event.

We were at st A’s 8:30 am Sunday morning  and helped  pack Clayton’s pickup truck will all the food St A’s had prepared and donated.

 We then drove over to the Bissell center and when we got there the place was already in full gear; people unpacking the food and starting to organize it.

We were all given tasks; cutting up sandwiches, vegetables, and sorting food into bags for seniors take away lunches.

 We then moved into setting up the space for the service; 12 round tables were already put up and we then distributed chairs around them

 We were asked to volunteer for various lunch duties: serving sandwiches,  going table to table with fruit and vegetables, coffee stand duty, and washing trays/coffee mugs.

Pastor Rick of ICPM, then briefed on the service and procedure. He asked for volunteers for parts of the service, Camille volunteered for the opening and Rev. Jonathan read the gospel.

Service started at 10 am with about 100 people already seated. By the time noon came another 50 people were standing outside waiting their turn for lunch. In all 209 people were served lunch.

The entire event went quite quickly and I reflected at the end of it, that God was asking us to” feed the people”….more concisely “ Feed MY people” …not asking us but commanding  us to do it !  The need is great and always present.   Be it food and/ or spiritual nourishment the “feeding” is the important part ….and we ALL need it.

Also the ICPM congregation is not your normal congregation but a congregation none the less, that needs all the same things we do but just to a greater extent.  

Dave Wiens