Tuesday Word: Did you hear it?

We spent the Sunday sermon time at st. Augustine’s reflecting on where God has been at work this summer.

Did you hear it?:

Families renewed, people experiencing healing, people experiencing holy moments in their lives and relationships, the prayers of grandmothers made effective, individuals being renewed and strengthened, people gaining a new vision of God’s work in their past, and people facing their future with hope.

All of these have happened in this little community.

Our Sunday gave us a tremendous image of the church.  Sometimes we don’t think these kinds of things happen any more – as if the Spirit stopped work after biblical times – it is not true.  God is at work here and now.

It seems that God comes to us in ways that we can understand and receive.  We have not had public speaking in tongues at st. Augustine’s because, to be honest, I’m not sure we could receive it as a holy thing.  Some church communities can.  Bless them.  We can probably receive the work of God in ways that they struggle to articulate!  There is a danger though, that because st. Augustine’s, and Anglican churches in general, approach faith in a quieter more reflective way, that we can miss God’s work among us because it is less…flashy.

Let us keep our eyes out for God’s work wherever we see it and in whatever personality, culture, or church, we find it.  It is the work of church to help us learn to discern and see God’s work in the very midst of our life and community.

Bless you in discerning this today.  Remember that we often (maybe always) only see God’s work in hindsight.


Spirit of God, you are always at work renewing the world; grant me eyes to see you, and the heart to follow in your ways. Amen.