Tuesday Word: God in your Summer

In the church calendar we are in the “Season after Pentecost.”  I have said before that I feel the liturgical ‘focus’ of this season is actually out of the church!  While seasons like Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter are very Church-focused, this present season invites us to contemplate deeply how the Spirit is at work in our daily life and living.

Next Sunday morning we will have space to hear from each other where God has been at work in our lives this past summer. (Remember – there is no pressure to talk, and if you don’t come you don’t get to hear from the people who will talk!…Call it holy evesdropping)

Please consider and pray this week where God has been at work in your summer.

How to do it?  Well, if you’re having trouble, take a quiet moment, and just ask.  “God (Spirit, Jesus, Holy One…) where have you been in my summer?” And in that quiet moment, listen.  If in the end you are still struggling, perhaps the threads of God’s work have not yet come together for you, follow that, and honor the time and space that God is leading you through.


We encounter a living God

in the thousand diverse ways that we are healed, forgiven,

encouraged, transformed, resurrected, rebuked, enlightened, upheld, confronted, nourished, and surprised.

The Lord is with you.

Sanctuary live-stream at st. Augustine’s

Also, an update that st. A’s will host a live-stream of Alana’s Album release is this Saturday.  We will project the show on our screen.  While the songs and structure of  this album will be new to you, the songs of Alana Levandoski should not be as we have sung several at st. A’s over the last few years.  We have used her 2015 album “Behold, I Make All Things New” as a help to our quiet days and June retreat.  The show begins at 8pm, so please come a bit early to settle in.
More info here: https://cac.org/sanctuary-webcast/