Tuesday Word: how are you this Advent?

I appreciate that Advent is a natural ‘spiritual check-in’ every year. (Lent is similar). Wherever your mind and focus has been the rest of the year, the church in Advent asks: “just how is your relationship with God?”

st. Ignatius, a 12th century monastic, adds some specifics to what your answer might be.  He would split your decision and ask, are you in spiritual ‘consolation’ or ‘desolation?’ These states for him reference our general movement TOWARDS (consolation), or AWAY FROM God (desolation).  He also has specific tasks for you to do depending in which you find yourself.  His general point is that both are natural, and God uses both to draw you deeper into Love.

I won’t say much more, but will instead point you to a longer, but very readable article that digs a little deeper into the teaching.  Consider having a read and let it shape how you behave towards yourself this Advent.


What Is Spiritual Desolation and How Do I Get Out of It?