Tuesday Word: Acronym Sunday – GEA and AGM

This Sunday our act of worship is to look within ourselves and our church community asking what we are thankful about from the year past, and looking and planning ahead.

The day will look something like this:

10am Simple Eucharist and the GEA Listening campaign (see below)

10:45ish Break with coffee and snacks

11:00am Our church Annual General Meeting begins

Our goal is to be ending around 12:15pm


Two documents have gone out ahead of time according to our parish list, but in case you missed them, they are here.  The minutes of the last AGM are here as well.

5 Year Trend and Budget

2014 Vision Check-In

2016-02-07 – AGM Minutes – Final

So what is GEA?

GEA is the Greater Edmonton Alliance, of which we are a dues-paying member.  They ‘organize for the greater good’ by listening first, discerning how to act all together, and then acting to make a real difference for the communities they represent (member organizations span from churches to local unions).  GEA is in the midst of a listening campaign now, and Sunday will be our involvement.  It makes sense to pair this with our AGM, because both look at the needs and hopes of our church community.Why does GEA want to know what’s bugging us?

What follows is some introduction to the GEA part written by Joe Sparling.

I look forward to seeing the bulk of our community on Sunday.


Why does GEA want to know what’s bugging us?

What might we, as St. Augustine’s congregation gain from this exercise?

Organizations go through ups and downs – times of high excitement and achievements and doldrums of “near death” hanging on.  GEA is in one of those doldrums, where there does not appear that anything is going on.  We’ve been there before, and we will likely be there again.

When times like this occur, GEA runs Listening Campaigns, asking it’s members “What’s bugging you?”  We take the answers from each organizational member of GEA, and we look for commonality.  We look for topics that seem to be problems in many people’s lives, and where GEA feels we can make a difference and improve people’s situations. GEA will be holding a discernment meeting to look at the results of this current Listening Campaign on Feb. 16.

Going through a Listening Campaign also revitalizes the organization taking part, like St. A’s.  It develops a sense of meaning and purpose; identifies opportunities for shared action and gives the participants a feeling of relevance and effectiveness.

Comments will be received on Sunday.  After I compile the comments I’ll let you know the common ideas and themes to be presented at the discernment meeting.

Joe Sparling