Support: The Chaplaincy Dinner and Silent Auction

The Anglican Chaplaincy at the University of Alberta is a shared ministry of the whole Diocese.  If you are not able to support the dinner (a great chance also to learn about the great work of the Chaplaincy), do consider donating otherwise.  Perhaps you had a great chaplaincy experience yourself?  Perhaps you’d like to ensure we continue our Anglican presence on campus.  Thank you for your support.


Educational Chaplaincy Dinner and Silent Auction:The Anglican Educational Chaplaincy is all about getting people connected: to relationships, to support, to faith communities and to God. We are a mission of the Diocese of Edmonton, helping Christ be seen more clearly in libraries and lecture halls and students’ daily lives. Our dinner annual silent auction at the U of A Faculty Club happens this year on Tuesday, May 3, beginning at 5:30 pm. This event provides a major part of the funding that makes this ministry possible. Tickets are $75/person and are available at or by emailing the Rev. Scott Sharman ([email protected]). If you are unable to personally attend this year, consider making a donation by visiting and clicking on the donate button. Thank you for your support!