Strength to Strength Parish Planning Weekend



Strength to Strength

Pre-Event Detailed Information

Main Event Goal:

To be a sustainable congregation that, contributes, and benefits from, strengthening our neighborhood over the next few years.

Desired outcomes:

We free ourselves to:

  • Stop doing the unhelpful things that tire us out.
  • Begin, in common, to act according to our God-given passions and gifts.


We leave:

  • With a deepened sense of God’s work in us.
  • With the joy of being together.
  • Knowing that we are learning, in a new way, to live our mission: To live Christ in community through service.


Event Summary

We will explore parish strengths and the ‘what now’ of our mission. As a parish we have heard from our Fulton Place neighbours about their proposal to build a community orchard and garden with pathways, seating and raised beds. We watched a compelling video about the success our Hollyrood neighbours had in building a garden at Hollyrood School that is shared by seniors and neighbours in the area.

Vestry has reached out to our community neighbours and been approached with several community building ideas.

It is now time to for all of us to explore our strengths. We anticipate a weekend that will change how we see ourselves and how we live our mission. Vestry will provide a followup process so that nothing good from the weekend is lost.  Every person’s voice is valued, and we hope that this weekend will be of high priority for you.




Schedule Overview


Saturday May 3 – What we have
9:30am Gathering
9:45 Session I: Abundance and Scarcity
10:45 Session II: Where have we come from?
noon Light Lunch – $3
1:10 Session III: What do we have now? (Internal & External)
2:15 Session IV: Common Focus
4:00pm We go in peace
Sunday May 4 – How then shall we live?(with Rev. Nick Trussell)
9:30 Session I: God’s Mission
10:00 Eucharist
11:00 Session II: Our Mission
noon Bag Lunch
1:00 Session III: Your Mission
2:00 Focus: Clarifying 3-4 areas of parish focus
Focus: Clarifying (at least) 2 concrete actions
~4:00pm Praying our mission
5pm Parish celebration dinner (provided)


What to expect and bring

  • Please arrive as promptly as possible so that we may begin on time.  You will be sharing the days in table groups.
  • Please do bring your questions, hopes, disappointments, desires, prayers, and passions on the weekend.  God is at work in our whole selves
  • Please do honor the intent of the exercises while making them your own.  The weekend does have process and logic to it so that we make sure we do what we need to.
  • Please expect the work of the Spirit in our deliberations, we are about God’s work this weekend expressed in us.  Watch and pray, hope and discern.
  • 3$ lunch on Saturday. Bring a bag lunch for yourself on Sunday.