Spirituality Talking Circle


 “I want a space to explore my spirituality, and hear from others in a non-threatening and respectful environment.”

This is an open circle, for anyone of any faith or no faith.  We wrestle with the basic fact that we are spiritual people who experience spiritual needs in our lives.  Each night, a short introduction will be given on a different topic followed by space for sharing in circle.

6 Wednesday sessions hosted by Rev. Jonathan:

January 18, 25, February 1, 8, 15, 22

Each session is ‘stand-alone’ so please come for any or all sessions.

Dues $3


The following is a copy of the protocol followed each Wednesday.


Talking Circle Protocol

Spirituality has to do with connection to the gift of Life, connection to the interdependent life of the Earth and cosmos, connection to Others, and connection to Ourselves.

Goals of the Circle

  • To move towards integrated living and believing
  • To promote understanding
  • To prevent or solve problems within ourselves
  • To build trust
  • To respect each person and oneself
  • To share common experiences
  • To realize that we are not alone
  • To learn from others and learn about life
  • To identify personal issues which help us to understand and to grow

Holding the Circle

  • Only the person holding the stick talks, all the rest listen.
  • A person talks until they are finished, being respectful of time. Be ‘lean of word,’ be spontaneous, and speak from the heart. This is not a moment to lecture, teach, or sermonize.
  • A person may pass the stick without speaking if they so wish.
  • If desired, the stick may be passed around again for a second cycle.
  • What is said in the circle stays in the circle. If you feel the need to respond to someone’s expression, say only “We hear you.”
  • A circle is used to discuss issues of importance and so members are invited to be extremely respectful of everyone as individuals and what they have to say. Please leave shared histories and other circumstances aside: in the circle we all start from ‘zero’ together.
  • The circle is complete when everyone has had a chance to speak.

Circle Process

  1. A circle is gathered. Please allow yourself ample time before any next appointments.  Please turn off cell phones.
  2. Cleansing Ritual: Smudge, Silence, or Prayer.
  3. Introduction to the circle
  4. Gathering Circle: Check-in (How are you doing right now?)
  5. Theme Introduction / Question.
  6. Listening Circle.
  7. Sending Circle: “How do you feel drawn to serve those near you more fully in the next week?”
  8. Call: Our circle is complete. We leave what was said here, we live what good we have received in the days to come.  May we go in the fullness of peace.
    Response: So be it.
    We are free to go or to remain in conversation.

We are invited to greet and honor each person with a handshake when we arrive and when we depart.