Septemberfest 2015 – hopes and fears for the year

Thank you to all who attended Septemberfest this last Sunday!  A drizzly day can’t stop a good community from celebrating. Below are the hopes and fears for the year mentioned by individuals:


  • for a successful home move
  • for more kids at St. A’s
  • For activities for my kids at church
  • just looking forward to all that will come
  • that my bees make it through the winter
  • for a long fall
  • for equity in our society
  • for greater strength in this community
  • for strength in the church
  • that things would get better in the world
  • that we get past the 23rd of September
  • for an improved Economy
  • that no parent outlive their child
  • for a healthy and happy family
  • to make it through the year – for good health
  • for health clarity and good results
  • for a good change.



  • not finding a job
  • the dark and cold of winter coming
  • upcoming operations
  • financial recession
  • my work future


Our hopes shape who we are and direct our activities.  They can be deeply laden with emotion and meaning for us.  Naming them in community, in the presence of God, may help us know that we face the future with help and with friends.  Know that you are not alone, God is with you, as you face whatever joys, sorrows, disappointments, and hard learnings may come your way.  Thank you each for your vulnerability in sharing.