Pie Making 101: Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

IMG_0002  IMG_0012IMG_0003IMG_0010IMG_0005I’ve made pies for over 50 years! So why take pie making 101?

Well, I like cooking with others. And for the $5 per class fee, you get a pie to take home….  So I signed up for the St. A’s ladies pie making class each Monday (not Thanksgiving) through to November 3rd,  as did about 8 other women.  In my heart, I knew I knew all about making pies. Then I saw that recipe!  What? Brown sugar in the pie crust?   What? White sugar in the pumpkin?  Surely, you jest!

I went along with the class, slightly skeptical that this alien approach to pie making would yield anything as delicious as those I grew up with.   We all came home with at least two pie crusts. And filling for a pie.  I poured the pumpkin into the crust and baked it. And waited. Then tasted.. WOW!  Way better than my usual recipe! Flaky crust, lovely filling. Could it be that after 50 years of baking dedication that I could this new approach might be better than what I knew???  Well….yes….

October 20….it’s apple pie making. Now what will they introduce to apple pie making that I don’t yet know about…..hmmmm…..

Join us! Take the pie baking challenge — everyone wins with this one!

Thanks to Mary and June for putting this class on!

(Gail Gravelines)