A Note About Intergenerational Services

Dear Community,

Last year was a year of experimentation in the Sunday mornings at St. Augustine’s.  One of our experiments was to hold monthly intergenerational services on the first Sunday of the month.  We had some great moments in these services: exploring our gifts, hearing the call to transformation in Christ with Transformers in the house, body prayer in the lobby, and a hello/goodbye song at each one.

However, the planning group was not sure if the structure was the right fit and if the monthly plan was ultimately sustainable.  Some of these concerns were confirmed by the recent worship survey, and so we will happily let the monthly intergenerational service go, for now, in search of the right ‘fit.’

So, look for some more intentional ways of fostering an intergenerational worshiping community at st. A’s along the way, but don’t be surprised if the 1st Sunday looks a bit more like the regular pattern.

Thank you to everyone who stepped out of their comfort zone this year to help foster our experimenting and exploring!  Thank you to Jodi, Sherry, Lauretta, and June, for your care and attention to all the dreaming and planning of this past year.