Mid-Week Word

We reflected this Sunday about how we discern God’s movement through observation and inquiry.  We are discerning as a church who it is that God is calling us to serve and to do so, we are challenged to open our eyes and ears.

If you missed that, the text of the message is here.

A simple mid-week thought to encourage you in this.

I heard a story recently about a man who was felt called to serve a particular area of a city.  He began his work by just walking around, praying, and, in particular, trying to notice one new thing every day.

Eventually, he began to notice that no one had any dryer vents!  He made some inquiries and confirmed that laundry was indeed a distinct issue for folks in that area.  He partnered with a local church to transform an old kitchen into a small laundromat.  As people came to do their laundry, he was able to build relationships and trust and begin to build a new kind of community.

I love that approach – simple and available to everyone:

Pray, go walking, and try to notice something new about your neighborhood every day.

Why not give it a try even once or twice a week?  What do you begin to notice?


Blessings as you follow after God in your weeks.