Mid-Week Note for Jan 10th Sunday – ROSTER & Sunday Prayer Sheet

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This week (Jan 10) in the church year we remember the baptism of Jesus by John.  In our celebrations, this marks the ending of the Christmas season.  We will take the tree down and any other decorations after the service, so if you have a moment to lend a hand that would be great.  Also – don’t be ashamed if you still have the Christmas tunes playing at home – you are well within a Christian pattern of dwelling on the Incarnation!

With joy, while we celebrate Jesus’ Baptism, we will also see young Jack de Meulles (of Jodi and Rene) baptized.  Please pray for him this week as he and his family seek a life in Christ.

As well, the new worship roster for January is available and attached for readers etc.. CLICK HERE: Jan 2016 roster 
Once the worship focus group (a group helping plan our pattern of worship at st. A’s) complete’s their meetings, a longer roster will be produced.

Blessings in your week.  The prayer outline used this week past is also below.





…seeking unity and deeper connection with God


The “ACTS” pattern:

Adoration (wonder, amazement, simple joy)

Confession (giving voice to what is in you, yet unspoken)

Thanksgiving (We seek to do this in all things)

Supplication (for yourself, for another, for the church, for the world)


Some shapes of prayer (either individual or corporate):

With Words

·         Liturgy

·         Sung

·         Confession

·         Extemporaneous

·         Holy conversations


·         Listening/centering prayer

·         Incense or smudging

·         Contemplation/Meditation on the Scriptures

·         With an icon or music

·         Eucharist (Communion)

·         Praying in tongues

·         Body prayer (movement)

·         With an object (e.g. prayer bowl, rosary)


·         Intentional hospitality

·         Craft – “there is love in every stitch” prayer shawls, bowls, and beyond

·         Creating for holy purpose

·         Work done for the Lord, and not for human gain

·         Feeding / serving others

·         Prayers of choice: financial, lifestyle, vocation, service, time, house, relationship.

·         Sabbath & Retreat

·         Offerings and gifts

Throughout the year, how many in each section do you engage?  Does one catch your attention?  What about it interests you?