Inviting the community to join with us

Here’s what we’ve done together to invite the community to join with us.

Being community builders. Jonathan spoke with the K-6 Logos chapel at Hardisty School to inspire them to be leaders in their classrooms – to help others and care for each other.  We remembered how Jesus spent his time welcoming the stranger and being concerned with those on the fringes of our groups.  The children shared all of the ways they are leaders in building community at home – sharing, helping, giving gifts, and prayed they remember  to do the same things at school.

Celebrating Easter with a blessing of Easter baskets. A tradition for those of Eastern European ancestry, this Easter blessing of bread and food baskets added to our Easter service, acknowledging the many traditions of worship we come from.

A chokecherry tree planted in honour of First Nations people. Following the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, our bishop sat with a group of Cree elders and asked what our church could do as a first step of walking out a new life together. They asked us to plant a chokecherry tree. The chokecherry is sacred in Cree tradition, and has been used as food and medicine. In early June, we planted a chokecherry tree.

 Lauretta leading us in song each Sunday! Old time hymns, children’s favorites, she encourages us to raise our voices in joy! Thanks  Lauretta for bringing out the child in all of us!

Welcome Back Sunday Decoration:  The glass doors came alive with a Welcome Back greeting and our tall evergreen trees were adorned with cut outs of apples and hands.

Projector system: For the growing number of people experiencing hearing loss (it’s the number one dis-ability facing Canadians), our new projector system allows more of us to be part of the service. The choir also notes that when we sing looking up together our voices are stronger!

Blessing of the backpacks at our September service students and teachers, past and present, gathered during our 10 a.m. service to pray for students, teachers, and our educational institutions as we started the new school year.

Blessing of the animals: October’s Feast Day of St. Francis was celebrated with a blessing of the animals.  We paused and took time together to honor the gifts of the animals we interact with most frequently. We also gave thanks for those animals who have become part of our family and for those with us only in our remembrances.

Staffed nursery and Sunday School. Providing child care and Sunday school to the youngest members of our congregation often means their parents can be fully involved in the Sunday service. This year, we sometimes had as many as eight children attend nursery and Sunday school. Growth!!

Tuesdays at Blues Café.  Tuesday Morning at Blue’s continued throughout the winter of 2014, took a break during summer and started up again the past September.  Conversation topics are interesting, so much so that most participants stick to the topic.  We meet at Leah’s Blue’s for the first and third Thursdays of the month between 10:00 am and 11:00 am.