Hardisty School Logos presentation


I was really pleased to have the chance to present to the K-6 Logos chapel at Hardisty School yesterday.  There was a great worship band of junior highs who led us in singing to begin and end, and I had a few minutes to share about being “community-builders” (one of their program themes) in between.

My goal was to inspire them to be leaders in their classrooms – to help others and care for each other.  We remembered how Jesus spent his time welcoming the stranger and being concerned with those on the fringes of our groups.  We also read from 1 Corinthians 12 about how the followers of Jesus are like a body – it only works if all parts are healthy and working together.  If one part of the body/group/community is sick, it affects the whole.

They told me all kinds of ways that they are already leaders in building community at home – sharing, helping, giving gifts, and pray they remember how to do the same things at school.  Their class room would be a joy to be in if they did.

Bless them.


the logos website is here: http://hardistylogos.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/