God’s work in us

We share in two events this week to celebrate the nature of God’s work in us:

  1. ID Five-Fold Follow up.  In our ongoing ID process with Richard King of St. Luke’s church we explore the particular way that God work through us and is expressed in us as individuals.  We remember St. Paul’s words that with the goal of the church reaching spiritual maturity – God infuses us (each of us, not just ordained people!) with 5 gifts as Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Shepherds, and Teachers.  Look around you and you will see people with these gifts.  Look at how you approach ideas in the church and you will see your God-given 5-fold perspective at work.  Tonight and next week (Nov 28, Dec 5th) from 5:30-8pm with a soup and bun supper.  Hamburger soup tonight!
  2. Financial Stewardship.  This Sunday we celebrate the new church year, the beginning of Advent, and our financial stewardship of the church.  We have been exploring the concept of stewardship (care of what God has given) this fall, and this Sunday marks the culmination of our “Stewardship Boot Camp”  While the focus this Sunday is on our financial care of the church (we do this every year in November), these same stewardship concepts will be applied to other areas of our life throughout the year.  Stewardship is, in many ways, simply a different way of explaining how we live out our baptismal promises and convictions.  Join us this Sunday at 10 am with an Advent ‘new years’ luncheon following.