Each Sunday, we explore a text or two of scripture. We hear the narrative of God and God’s people, the biographies of Jesus and the letters to early churches. We reflect and ask what the Spirit of God is saying now to us through these words.

Wrestling with questions of faith?

Encounters is a long-running group that meets between Sunday morning services to discuss how faith connects with evolution, science, justice issues and life realities. The group enjoys mind-expanding discussion and often reads a book or uses a dvd based series to further learning.

Sundays 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. in the lower level lounge.

Rev. Jonathan Crane

Meet Jonathan for coffee to talk, or ask about resources to explore something in particular. Rev. Crane hopes to meet with every parishioner individually at least annually.

Need a regular point of refreshment in your year?

Attend the annual St. Augustine retreat in early June. Organized by lay people, the retreat provides an opportunity for quiet reflection and spiritual growth. For the last 25 years the retreat has been held at Strawberry Creek Lodge – a quiet, rural setting.

Want to learn more about the basics of Christian faith?

The Parish Library offers a wide range of reading material, available to all. Located in the lower level of St. Augustine Church.

Courses will be offered from time to time.

Adult Interest Groups are run in six to eight week sessions in the fall and early spring and are usually based on aspects of Bible study. They are often based on materials produced by such theologians and scholars as Dominic Crossan and Marcus Borg, but sometimes the class material is produced in-house to suit the needs of the participants.

Want to explore and learn even more?

Education for Ministry (E.F.M.) is an in depth program developed by the University of Sawanee in the U.S., for those wishing to make a commitment to deepen and broaden their understanding of Christianity.

Join people from a variety of parishes who are prepared to dedicate four years studying in this certified program which covers all aspects of Christian faith .The group meets once a week on Wednesday evenings from September to June. For more information contact the church office at 780-466-5532 or [email protected]

Another great resource is Wycliffe College, an Anglican college in Toronto which offers a number of fantastic online courses for credit or audit. They offer cover topics like theology, church history, ministry, faith, and spirituality: www.wycliffecollege.ca.

World Wide Anglican Communion

The Diocese of Edmonton offers adult education classes and experiences on a regular basis. Check their website for more information.