A Community Garden at St. Augustine’s?

Imagine St. Augustine’s land as a community destination, a place to gather young and old, a beautiful resting place for tired knees, a place to be reminded of our Creator and the gifts of the earth.


What is the story?

Sherry Prokopuk has been dreaming and talking of a community garden in the Fulton Place community for some three years now.  After seeing an ad on the community website, Rev. Crane contacted her to find out more and to explore if a corner of our church land (smack in the middle of the community) could be used for this purpose.  Sherry had a group of interested folks from the community already and was looking for a bit more momentum before moving forward.

To date Sherry has gathered some 17 people from the community to help plan and organize the garden.  Sherry wants this to be done right and in a sustainable manner and so is not looking at breaking ground until 2015.  The City will kick in up to $5000 for startup.

The land at St. Augustine’s is perhaps their best pick for location, even though there are other options.  Our land is central, visible, accessible, and does get enough sun.  The land under consideration is the rectangular strip on our North-East between the church and 60th street.  Permission has already been granted from the Synod office and Vestry to explore this further.

Sherry does not have in view an unsightly and unkempt garden, but an arrangement of raised-bed garden plots with mulch paths, apple trees, berry shrubs, a kids area, a sitting area, and a beautiful sign inviting the community to make the garden a point of interest and walking destination.  Partnerships may be formed with Hardisty School and Fulton Child Care along the way.  Members would adhere to a series of stipulations regarding their use of a garden plot.


Are you specifically interested or have questions about this initiative?  Please contact Rev. Jonathan revjcrane (at) yahoo.com

A congregational feedback form will be circulated this Sunday April 13th.