A chokecherry tree, to be planted this Sunday.

Following the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, our bishop sat with a group of cree elders and asked what our church could do as a first step of walking out a new life together.
They asked us to plant a chokecherry tree.
The chokecherry is sacred in cree tradition, and has been used as food and medicine. Our planting this tree, though a small act in some respects, is a chance to honor the traditions and prayers of a people who have lived on this land much longer than any European settlers. (think of the Naaman story, “if he had asked you to do something more difficult would you not have done it?”)
At the centennial wrap up service and ordination this Sunday June 8th (3pm at All Saints cathedral) the young trees will be blessed and sent home with clergy.
At st. Augustine’s we will receive and plant the tree that night at about 6pm.
All are welcome.

3pm centennial wrap up service at All Saints cathedral
5pm Emmaus Road potluck at st. Augustine’s
6pm tree planting and prayers for the land