Celebration of 2015 – AGM UPDATE no 2 – Annual Report

2015-09-11 11.41.16

It is a new year.

We have much to celebrate.

We have much to look towards.

Join us at St. Augustine’s.

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General meeting of Parishioners will be held on the Seventh day of February A.D. 2016, following the 10AM service, at St. Augustine’s Church at which time all baptized persons regularly attending Services of worship in this Parish or otherwise regularly receiving the administrations of the clergy of this Parish are entitled to attend.


A chili lunch will be provided between the service and the AGM – thank you vestry!




Please click the following link to download our Annual Report Celebrating 2015:
2015 st Augs Annual Report (Feb 7, 2016) – Online Version

Paper copies will be available on Sunday.  Our apologies that this was not ready by last week.  Please have a read and enjoy!


And remember…meeting

Vestry and Corporation at St. Augustine’s

At our February 7th AGM, attendees will be asked to vote on two positions open in our Vestry.  You are also invited to nominate someone for that position.  The following information may help you in your discernment or nomination – or you may just be interested in knowing more about your church’s structure.

Vestry and Corporation are the central governance structures in an Anglican parish:

  • Corporation is the legal body of an Anglican parish which is composed of the Rector and two lay wardens (the People’s Warden is elected, and the Rector’s Warden is appointed by the Rector.)
  • Vestry is a representative group, proportional to congregation’s size, which includes the Rector, the two wardens, any lay delegates to synod, and any other elected members. Vestry meetings are open meetings open to anyone to come and listen! You are welcome.

Even though there is some crossover of members and of work between the two groups, they carry different mandates.  On the back of this page is a simple chart outlining some of the key differences.  These are in keeping with diocesan canons.

Vestry Corporation
  • Parish Vision – where are we going?
  • Oversight – what are the major issues facing the parish?
  • The Big Picture of Church
  • Large Item approval
  • Prayer for the parish
  • Representation at a Diocesan Synod (Synod is like a Diocesan AGM)
  • Assistance in parish life and worship
  • Day to Day Business and administrative items.
  • Order and provision for worship.
  • Finances of the Parish. (though vestry gives recommendations here)
  • Parish fabric.
  • Diocesan consultation.

You will notice that Vestry is relatively free from ‘business’ items so that they may focus on the big questions and respond in faithful discernment.

This AGM we are seeking the election of:

Two members to Vestry

Vestry involves monthly meetings (usually excluding summer)


Are you interested?  Anyone come to mind?  Talk to Joyce Taylor, Gail Gravelines, or Rev. Jonathan