Lent & Holy Week 2017

(Printable version here: Lent & Holy Week 2017) Lent Ash Wednesday (March 1, 7pm) – We are dust and to dust we return. As ash crosses are marked on our foreheads, we remember our mortality so…Continue reading

Weekly Announcements for Palm/Passion Sunday

Bring your own branch!  We are using local branches for our Palm Sunday procession this year, remember to bring your own.  If you would like to come out gathering branches with the Kid’s Time crew,…Continue reading

Holy Week at st. A’s – Holy Saturday

We remember how Jesus’ body rested dead in the tomb. Questions for Reflection: 1) As a whole in Canada, we are a people who rush from one thing to another.  Holy Saturday stretches out for us ‘liminal’ time…Continue reading

Holy Week at st. A’s – Good Friday

We remember the day that Jesus died. A Christian is one who points at Christ and says, ‘I can’t prove a thing, but there’s something about His eyes and His voice. There’s something about the…Continue reading

Holy Week at st. A’s – Maundy Thursday

We remember how Jesus ate his last meal with his disciples and washed their feet.  For both the meal and the service of washing he said “do this as I have done.” Questions for Reflection:…Continue reading

Lent and Easter Services 2016

Holy Week and Easter 2015 We walk with Christ, as Christ walks with us.   Click here for a printable version ==> Holy Week and Easter Services 2016   8am and 10am March 20 – Palm/Passion…Continue reading

Holy Week at st. A’s – Wednesday

We remember how Jesus is betrayed by his close friend. Questions for Reflection: As we walk with Jesus towards the cross, we see how he is betrayed by all – by friends, by religious systems,…Continue reading

Holy Week at st. A’s – Tuesday

We remember how Jesus announced that “his hour has come.”   Questions for Reflection: 1) What ‘hour’ of your life is it right now for you? Joyful? Sorrowful?  Busy?  Mundane?  Is there anything in the…Continue reading